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Phil Reader
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Oakes College History

Oakes College was the seventh college to be established at UC Santa Cruz. The structure and ideals upon which the college was formed in 1972 came as a direct response to concerns that surfaced in the U.S. in the mid-sixties. In 1968, the Santa Cruz Black Liberation Front issued demands for College Seven to be a Black college, not only in focus and emphasis, but in its student, faculty and administrative makeup. They originally planned to name the college after Malcolm X. Herman Blake, the only Black UC Santa Cruz faculty member at that time, met with the Black Liberation Front and proposed instead an ethnic studies college, to include the studies of historically marginalized groups in California: African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Chicanos, Native Americans and European immigrants. In February 1969, the Academic Senate made an unanimous decision approving the development of an ethnic studies college. Major funding for the new college came from the generosity and philanthropic efforts of Margaret and Roscoe Oakes and The San
Francisco Foundation.

Under the leadership of Herman Blake and Ralph Guzman, student representatives from colleges and historically marginalized groups began architectural and administrative planning. When the college opened, the residence buildings consisted of four apartment complexes with the best ocean views on campus, separate from the academic and administrative buildings. In 1988, four residence halls were added to accommodate a growing student population. The vision of former Oakes students, faculty and first Provost Blake was manifested in a multicultural community, dedicated to the goals of equality and freedom from oppression. This vision would later yield a high quality education for students from diverse cultural and class backgrounds. For these reasons, student faculty interaction was encouraged, as well as a strong counseling component, to address personal issues. Quotas were rejected in favor of recruiting people from all backgrounds, and a core curriculum focused on cultural pluralism was created to further the understanding of these diverse backgrounds. It was, has been and is a hope and reality that learning be promoted not only in the academic surrounding, but also in the residential setting at Oakes. As a student at Oakes, you will have the opportunity to appreciate a diversity of cultures, including your own, and to build a strong, supportive community dedicated to promoting social responsibility and academic excellence.

Since its founding, Oakes College has been committed to intellectual, academic and personal inquiry rooted in the possibility of affecting positive change. As a multicultural community, we encourage the exchange of crosscultural perspectives.

Our efforts to understand, accept and celebrate human diversity are a source of exceptional strength. Through this committed inquiry, we often bring issues to the campus community's attention.
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