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Phil Reader
Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:37 am Reply with quote
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Civil Right Bill In Pajaro.

(Pajaro Times. September 15, 1866.)

Civil Right Bill In Pajaro. --- Monday last, when the public school opened in Pajaro, a colored citizen appeared at the schoolhouse and demanded admission for his children, on the grounds that he was taxed for support of the school, and under the provisions of the Civil Right Bill, his children were entitled to the benefits of the school.

No one will doubt that his demand is well based, and the School Trustees would be violating a law of the land to exclude his children --- which responsibility they donít wish to assume. However, we do not apprehend any difficuity in this matter. The colored population have withdrawn their demand for the present, and a movement is a foot to provide for them school advantages in a separate building from white children.
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