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Phil Reader
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W. Ramsey Found Dead In His Room.

Santa Cruz Sentinel. November 9, 1915.

William Ramsey, the well-known colored porter and bookblack, was found dead in his room at the Hotel d’Italia at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, where he had stopped for the last five years. Yesterday morning he did not show up for breakfast and at noon he was absent. It was at 3 o’clock in the afternoon that Frank Ballengero of the hotel became alarmed and placing a step ladder at the door climbed up looked into Ramsey’s room over the transom. The man was lying upon the floor dead.
Dr. G. A. Bangs, the deputy coroner, was called and with Sheriff Howard Trafton they effected an entrance into the room and took possession of the body. Uraemic poisoning is supposed to be the cause of death. He had not beenwell of late. The inquest will be held at 11 o’clock this morning at the Pacific Coast undertaking parlors. When Coroner George S. Easterday will be here from Watsonville to conduct the same.
Ramsey was a native of Texas and is believed to have been about 46 year of age, for he attended school with Jack Johnson, the pugilst. He is believed to have a sister living in Texas. Ramsey was once a jockey in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been in California for the last fifteen years, most of the that time in Santa Cruz. He was small in stature and was a snare drummer among the colored musicians. The last he place he worked was at the St. George barber shop as bootblack and porter.

William Ramsey.
Born: 1887, Texas.
To California c.1900.
To Santa Cruz with the Norris & Rowe at its Winter
Quarters. Member of its Sideshow Band.
Died: November 8, 1915 at Santa Cruz. Age: 38.
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