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Phil Reader
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Murder of J. E. M. Gilliard

Santa Cruz Sentinel. July 29, 1876. LOCAL BREVITIES.

A communication in the Missionary Record gives the particulars of the murder of J. E. M. Gilliard, in Texas.
Mr. Gilliard was an educated colored man, and for a time was employed in the Pacific Ocean House Barber Shop, and if the communication is correct the murder was a most cowardly and unprovoked affair, and Texas is a good country not to live in.

1860 Census. Stockton, San Joaquin County, California.
James Gilliard, 27 yrs. old, Color: Black, Native of Maryland, a Barber with the value of his holdings in 1860 at $850.
Wife: Charlotte Gilliard. Age: 26. Native of Mass.
Also Mary E. Jones. Age: 12. Native of Mass.
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